Not Just Beer, Ministry Of Beer Also Does Smoky Cocktails & Experimental Desserts

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If you’ve been looking for a place that can host your entire posse {or office}, where the beer is fresh and the food is yummy, your search has ended! Welcome to Gurgaon’s largest rooftop and microbrewery – Ministry of Beer.

Sometimes, Size Matters

It’s almost rooftop season and the one at MOB is delightful! Spacious, moonlit and adorned with palms, wooden benches and poolside-style high chairs, this place can hold close to a hundred guests. If you prefer the indoors, we suggest you start at the bar, with a view of glistening stainless steel microbrewery vats on the side and rows of spirits in the front.

For an even cosier evening, choose the PDR {private dining room} with comfortable couches, a TV and loads of privacy. To add to the ambience. there is a sky lit textured ceiling to create a chic, dusk-like effect all day long.

Food For Thought

When you’re ready to eat, order from a world cuisine spread whipped up by Show Kitchen with Live Grills, don’t miss the Mobbed Insalata, Mobbed Bun Tikki, Lamb Pie {served with activated charcoal mayo} and finish with a deconstructed dessert they call ‘Oops I Dropped My Tart’.

From the drinks menu, you can choose from cocktails created with Classic and Neo techniques {Smoking, Spherification and Foam} but with Indian flavours. They also specialise in a selection of house made brews, so we say you start with a pint of chilled lager before anything else!

So, We're Saying...

Hit up what’s likely to be the hippest place in town and be a part of a Ministry that’s dedicated to good food, good beer and a good time!