Missing Your Mum's Cooking? The Tiffins From This Place Are Homemade, Fresh and Flavourful

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One of the cons of being away from home is missing out on your mum’s delicious, homemade food. Enter MomMade, a catering company that makes fresh, home-cooked tiffins for people.

Real Food By Real Moms

Mommade’s taken a unique initiative to provide healthy, fresh, home cooked meals for their tiffin service. The sweetest thing about their service is that their food is prepared by real mothers, in a bid to provide women who cook well an outlet for their skillset, and an opportunity to become financially independent. There’s no fixed menu, and they’re extremely flexible with instructions and food preferences. Their simple {yet well thought-out} tiffins include either rice/roti , a vegetable, a dal and some salad or raita.

They have North Indian and South Indian specialties on their menu as well, so the menu doesn’t get boring. From the veggies to the spices they use, each element is carefully chosen to ensure they serve healthy and hygienic food. They also cater dinners and small gatherings. Their tiffins are priced at INR 80, which is more than reasonable for the quality and quantity of the food prepared.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re looking for some healthy, home-cooked food to lift up your day, try out MomMade’s tiffin service. You can check out their Facebook page for further details.


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