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This Company Does Earthen Kitchenware & Refrigerators That Don't Use Electricity

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What Makes It Awesome

Mitti Cool is a Gujarat-based company that manufactures organic earthen kitchenware and the award-winning clay refrigerator that requires no electricity. This humble venture has taken on the mammoth task to reduce our carbon footprint and promote eco-living across India.

If you’ve ever drunk water from an earthen pot, you’d know that matka water is sweeter, has an earthy taste, and it quenches your thirst like no other fancy bottled water can. In an attempt to bring this very earthy taste to our food and water and to harness the nutrients of the rich fertile soil, Mr. Mansukhbai Prajapati’s venture–Mitti Cool retails kitchenware like cups, tawas, cookers, water bottles, colourful hand-painted filters, and more all made out of pure, Indian clay.

Mitti Cool’s most popular invention is the earthen refrigerator (INR 8,000) that doesn’t consume electricity or emit toxic HFCs and thereby, reduces the carbon footprint (and electricity bills!) This refrigerator created by mixing five types of soils has two large compartments, 10-litre water storage, and can store up to five kilograms of fruits and vegetables.

Mitti Cool has received numerous national and international awards, has been invited for events like TEDx and Nat Geo’s Green Conclave, so you know that what they’re doing is credible and commendable. If you want to do your bit for the environment and also support sustainable product ventures, start by switching to Mitti Cool maybe? You can place orders online through their website.