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This Legendary Cake Shop Promises Fresh Cakes, Swiss Rolls & More!

    New Friends Colony, Delhi

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    What Makes It Awesome

    The Monginis cake shop has been around since 1956 (it was first set up in Mumbai) and from then on, expanded slowly but steadily. This brand has about 700 outlets all over India and is known for its reasonably-priced menu. 

    Monginis sells a variety of fresh cakes in flavours like red velvet, black forest, chocolate, pineapple as well as stylised ones that are specially made to order. Most of their cakes are priced at around INR 500 and can go up to INR 9,000 (wedding or party cakes).

    They also sell slices of pan pizzas (non-veg and veg for INR 45 each) and puff pastries with fillings like mushroom, chicken and paneer (INR 20 each) in their shops.

    Apart from having fresh items, Monginis also offers packaged, baked goods (which, we admit, we thought was all that Monginis did). For instance, you can get items like swiss rolls, Plum Bar Cakes, Mava Bar Cakes, chocolate muffins and Choco Walnut Cakes at their shops. The smaller packed items start from INR 5 (per piece) and can go up to INR 70. Currently, they're only retailing via their physical shops and deliver within a certain radius. So, whether you've to order a cake or buy their packed products other, you will have to find the closest Monginis shop. If you're out of their radius of delivery services, you'll have to go pick up your order.

    Monginis also sells cookies and doughnuts. They have Coconut, Shrewsbury, Honey Crunch, Fruity and Kesar Biscuits as some of their variants. Their doughnut is distinct and not like traditional doughnuts; it's a bread bun, (with a hole in the middle) that has sweet cream in the center, with the same as frosting on top (they're priced at INR 30 per piece). We do recommend that you go ahead and give the Shrewsbury Biscuits a go; they are, after all, a classic Parsi snack. This age old brand sells a single packet of cookies for about INR 50. 

    What Could Be Better

    We'd definitely like to be able to order their food items online. If you do not have a physical outlet near your place, it is very difficult to get their basic, packaged goods.

      New Friends Colony, Delhi