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Have A Frizz-Free Monsoon With These 7 Hair Products

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In addition to craving chai and pakoras, the monsoon also brings with it humidity, making it nearly impossible to have a good hair day. Plagued by incorrigible frizz, taming your tresses is an uphill battle... and the ground's already slippery. However, armed with the right products, frizz can turn to fabulous!

So, stock up on these products and bid good-bye to dull, damaged hair.

Cleansing Shampoo, Arata

Natural Cleansing Shampoo (75ml)

Natural Cleansing Shampoo (75ml)


Made using plant-based ingredients, this shampoo by Arata will leave your hair shiny, smooth, and soft. Not just that but it will also prevent hair fall and damage that could happen due to excessive humidity during monsoon season. The shampoo is made out of European berries, coconut oil, sugarcane, lemon, orange, organic soap-nut, and maple. Oh yes, it's toxin free. 

Price: INR 299

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Anti Frizz Hair Serum, The Earth Collective

Anti-Frizz Hair Serum By The Earth Collective

Anti-Frizz Hair Serum By The Earth Collective

Made with Jojoba, Chamomile, and Argan, this serum is not at all heavy or sticky but is known to prevent your hair from tangling. With all the added ingredients, it is going to make sure that monsoon do not let your hair go frizzy and will help the hair maintain its shine.

Price: INR 850

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Natural Neem Wooden Comb, Ohria Ayurveda

Natural Neem Wooden Comb

Natural Neem Wooden Comb


Monsoon seasons requires proper hair care without carelessness if you want to maintain the shine of the hair. While it is known the combing acts as a therapy for your hair and helps in blood circulation so, make sure to comb your hair through after the hair serum with this neem wood comb by Ohria. Not only will it help in loosening any knots but will also prevent any damage.

Price: INR 490

Fortifying Hair Oil, Trnatva

Fortifying Hair Oil

Fortifying Hair Oil


Made with 100% natural, locally sourced, and pure ingredients, this hair oil by Trnatva is enriched with almond oil that will provide nourishment to the hair. Plus, it's super-important to oil your hair before the shampoo so that you do not lose the softness and this hair oil will do just the work for you. 

Price: INR 495

Mylky Way Shampoo Bar, The Switch Fix

Frizz Controlling Mylky Way Shampoo Bar for Dry and Frizzy Hair - 85 g

Frizz Controlling Mylky Way Shampoo Bar for Dry and Frizzy Hair - 85 g


Made with oat and cashew milk, this protein-rich shampoo bar by The Switch Fix gently cleanses, moisturises and, of course, controls frizz. It's an entirely plant-based formulation so it's vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free and chemical free. Shampoo bars are also better for the environment since they don't come in plastic packaging.

Price: INR 459

Wild Bananas Moisturizing & Smoothening Hair Mask, Flawsome

Wild Bananas Moisturizing & Smoothening Hair Mask (200g)

Wild Bananas Moisturizing & Smoothening Hair Mask (200g)


It tames frizzy hair, it moisturises dry hair, it gives a shine to dull hair... and it smells like bananas. This hair mask by Flawsome is one we keep going back to, not just for the awesome packaging and scent but because it actually works. You can use it as a hair mask before you shampoo your hair or put it on after and use as a hair conditioner.

Price: INR 799

Bye Bye Frizz Conditioner, MIVA Naturals

Bye Bye Frizz Conditioner

Bye Bye Frizz Conditioner


You can't get more literal about bidding adieu to frizzy hair than getting a hair conditioner that's literally called Bye Bye Frizz. This one's another natural and paraben-free pick on the list and MIVA Naturals is a label we love for handcrafted products. It offers deep moisturising via the shea butter in it that improves texture by going within the hair shaft.

Price: INR 399


Once you've got the frizz under control, add some shine to your hair with these labels. Or, hey, maybe pamper your previously stressed tresses with these favourites.