Save This For A Rainy Day: Get Monsoon-Ready With These Shoes & Umbrellas


    While each year we patiently wait for the monsoon season, we also get annoyed when our foot gets stuck in potholes and puddles. We also understand that, no matter how the weather is, we cannot limit our fashion choices. So, to help you slay (even in monsoons), we've picked out the best brands for cool umbrellas and trendy footwear.

    India Circus

    With inspiration taken from modern contemporary arts, these bright and kitschy umbrellas from India Circus truly reflect Krsnaa Mehta’s design aesthetics. What's best about these wind and waterproof umbrellas is that they come in a variety of prints and sums up to be not just a monsoon essential but also a perfect fashion accessory. 

    Price: Starting at INR 779


    Shop Crocs Online

    If you are looking for footwear that is sturdy and stylish at the same time, your search will end at Crocs. With multiple outlets across the city, you have plenty of options to choose from (there are some really cute ones as well). And hey, their products are colourful too so yes, a big thumbs up! Their classic clog is light and comfy, and the ventilation ports not only make it SO breatheable, you can also personalise them with charms! Get the neo mint colour to make a splash.

    Price: Starting at INR 1,400 (approx.)

    Classic Umbrella

    Shop Umbrellas Online

    Perfect for monsoon season, this Delhi based store has umbrellas in a ton of prints and solids that'll go with all kinds of outfits. They also have the option to pick how many folds you want in your umbrella, more folds making them sturdier. Oh, and they also do garden umbrellas if you love sitting outside while it rains.

    Price: Wholesale prices available via DM


    Slippers From Caucho

    Slippers From Caucho

    This brand offers the comfort of a bathroom slipper, but is chic enough to not bring your outfit down. Take your pick from a wide range of neon and subtler toned Havaianas-esque flip flops. So, this monsoon, step out in style. 

    Price: Starting at INR 799

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    Flip Flops By Solethreads

    Flip Flops By Solethreads

    If you miss wearing funky flip-flops, we suggest you make your way to Solethreads. They are stocked up with slip-ons, slides, and flip flops that would perfectly cater to your monsoon checklist. 

    Price: Starting at INR 469


    Umbrellas By John's

    Although, the brand is based out of Kerala, you have an option of purchasing your favourite ones online via their website. Choose between straight-fold, two-fold, three-fold, and even five-fold tiny umbrellas that'll easily fit inside your bag. You might find a lot of options in solid colours and very few printed ones, but, considering the quality John's has to offer, we guess it's all good to invest here. 

    Price: Starting at INR 599

    Sun Umbrellas

    Umbrellas From Sun Umbrellas

    Present in the market since 1880, Sun Umbrellas can easily be counted as one of the most trusted brands in the market. With their products made of the finest quality, they also offer a number of options to choose from. From checks to florals, and even polka dots, you'll find a variety of prints here. 

    Price: Starting at INR 475


    Gumboots From Decathlon

    With great deals available on gumboots for both men and women, you should definitely head here if you are specifically looking for these. Their tried-and-tested quality is something that you should look forward to. While you might not find a lot of colours, Decathalon's basic options will work just as well with all your outfits. 

    Price: Starting at INR 499


    Flip Flops From Refoam

    Flip Flops From Refoam

    Refoam's rubber soled shoes aren't just waterproof, they're also slip-proof. They're perfect if you need (or want) to step out when it's not just raining but pouring and you can still walk without worrying that you'll be slipping all over the place. They have options for men and women in a ton of different styles and finishes.

    Price: Starting at INR 449

    Funky N Trendy

    Shoes From Funky N Trendy

    Shoes From Funky N Trendy

    We know restricting yourself to just flip-flops can get, well, for the lack of a better word - boring. Funky N Trendy has awesome hand-painted shoes and before you start worrying, they're waterproof. Unicorns, popsicles, watermelons, they've got a ton of quirky prints and patterns that'll brighten up any rainy or gloomy day.

    Price: Starting at INR 1,299

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    You've got your shoes and umbrella sorted, but what about monsoon frizz? Don't stress your tresses (even more) and check out our monsoon haircare guide!