Stay Home & Celebrate With Mum, Dad Or The Fam With These Activities


    Stuck home, or just choosing to be there? Here are a few ways you could enjoy being at home, keeping the current pandemic in mind:

    For The Arty Mom: Indulge In A DIY Project

    Awaken the artist in you and grab your mom for a fun DIY session. You can check out amazing DIY ideas for home decor made by upcycled products. Your mom and you could indulge in a day of DIY projects. Check out our article where you can learn how to make candle holders, bottle holders, wall hangings and much more.

    For The Mom That Loves Travel: Take Virtual Tours

    Virtual Tour Of The Louvre

    Just because you can't step out and take a trip, doesn't mean you can't explore places right? Take some of the most famous virtual tours sitting at home with your mom. Discuss the beauty of the paintings at The Louvre or take a virtual hike up Machu Pichu. We are sure if you and your mum are history buffs, this is the best activity. Here's a list of museums you can virtually tour and world landmarks to tour as well.

    For The Foodie Mom: Try A New Recipe Together

    What better way to spend some time with your mother than experimenting with new recipes? During this time of quarantine a lot of famous chefs and home cooks are sharing their special recipes online that you can take up. Check out our list of the 5 profiles you should follow for some fun, simply quirky recipes. You can also check out our series, LBB Cooks for easy recipes that you can try at home.

    For The Hyper-Active Mom: Workout Together

    Now who said you need to visit a gym to get fit. Start your mother's day celebration with a fun yet exciting workout session with your mother. From yoga to simple cardio, you can do anything that suits your mood. Check out a list of our recommendations that you can refer to for a fun home work out session. You can also check out these apps that'll help you follow a fitness routine, if you're into it.

    For The Mom Who's A Film Buff: Netflix & Popcorn

    Isn't it so much fun to sit and watch new content with your mom? We have a list of our favourite off-beat, indie movies that you can easily find online and watch with your mother. This list doesn't include typical Bollywood movies but the quality and content of the movies will surely entice you. So grab the bowl of popcorn and end mother's day on a happy note.


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