Brunch With Bae: Visit This GK-1 Cafe For A Memorable Date

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What Makes It Awesome

While wandering in my backyard I often stumble upon coffee and some conversation and seek no favourites but this place often hits the notes hence sharing Sakley's Secret Garden. Space here may not be perfect for everyone who is seeking a weekend hangout area yet this secluded cafe in the boisterous GK-1 milieu of a market is a spot well known. Parul Pratap, the chef is not often there - so the fare may oscillate pick from the salads and egg dishes and then you will be just fine. Don't expect too much from their coffee though as I was a tad disappointed this weekend, but a brunch scene here and you're more than sorted.

What Could Be Better?

The coffee seriously needs to be way better especially in a cafe like this.

What's My Pro Tip?

Visit Sakley's The Mountain Cafe when you want a good solo read or for some afternoon sunshine with your bae. Also, the egg dishes they serve here are delish!

Anything Else?

Plus, remember that the secret garden and their rum infused creations can carry a whole evening in grace.