This Father-Daughter Duo In G-Town Does Stellar Sugar-Free & Eggless Desserts

    What Makes It Awesome

    Don't we all love homemade cakes? Especially if they're eggless and sugar-free, and still delicious. If you like the sound of that, you must hit up Mr. Moustache's Cakes. They make tea cakes, chocolates and brownies in different flavours, which you can order just by hitting them up! They also have their stalls set up at malls and markets around Delhi NCR, so you can follow them on their social media handles and get quick updates.

    Run by a father-daughter duo, Mr. Moustache's Cakes' story is heart-warming. The 'Mr. Moustache' of the story is passionate about baking, so much so that he has stopped ordering cakes for occasions and bakes them himself instead. Following his love for the same, the daughter has a role to play in the business and marketing aspect of it.

    You can order tea cakes, brownies, and chocolates from here. You must try their vanilla and pineapple tea cakes; we especially loved how delicious and fluffy it was. Their chocolate cake has quite a reputation, so try that as well! They're coming up with new flavors in chocolates too, involving nuts, coconut, and dark chocolates.

    They deliver pan India and are taking gift orders as well.

    The brownies are priced between INR 80- 150/piece, varying on where they have their stall up. The cakes (available in three flavours) are priced at INR 600 for 500 gms and INR 1,000 - 1,200 for 1 kg.

    You can place an order via their IG handle or can even message/call them.

    What Could Be Better

    Although the brand is still setting up and we love our sweets simple, it'd be great if they offer a little more variety in their chocolates and tea cakes.