For a feast that is truly fit for a king {or a queen, in this writer’s case}, Kebab Gali delivered all it promised and more. Rich Mughlai cuisine, their spices and flavours will have you licking your fingers long after the very last bite has been taken.

Start with their kebabs- we especially liked the dahi kebab with its melt-in-your-mouth texture. The dohra kebab is a two-layered kebab, perfect for satiating a meat lover. Biryani lovers- they send theirs in a bona fide handi, the top sealed with atta to keep the contents warm. The rice is full of hidden flavour, with the meat in it cooked to perfection- be it their chicken or their mutton. Pair it with the raita, or perhaps the saalan {the accompanying gravy} and you shouldn’t need much more to fill you up. The biryani’s good enough for two!

We appreciate their well-packaged items- they’ll also send plenty of tissues and plastic spoons, so even if you’re ordering in, they go that extra mile to make sure you’re well equipped. The only warning we’d like to offer- you will most definitely feel the need to take a nap after the sumptuous meal, which makes for an unproductive afternoon if you have work to do or errands to run. Their ability to satisfy {and they do it well, may we add} takes the credit for that though, so perhaps we’ll just indulge our next Mughlai craving on a weekend.

As for the rest of you, feast away.

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Contact: +91 8010690625

Price: INR 200 onwards

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