Obsessed With Pastels? This Store Has Such Fun Korean Knick-Knacks!

Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi

What Makes It Awesome

If you're a Korean knick-knack junkie, be prepared to fast become quite taken with Mumuso. Two floors brimming with fun, mostly pastel stationery, bags, flip-flops and more, this Korean store is a hoarder's delight. I wandered in because it looked cute from the outside, and walked out with an adorable water bottle and, of course, a thousand pictures on my phone (after exercising admirable restraint and not buying a bag and pair of whacky slippers). From fun, printed masking tape to happy, summer flip-flops and pastel, circle bags, Mumuso has a lot of cool stuff on its shelves. They also have a lot of fun random (and home) accessories like neck pillows, organisers, sippers and more. Honestly, above everything, it's a solid place to pick up a quick, small gift for somebody (remember this for when Secret Santa time rolls around)—provided, of course, they like their things a touch on the 'feminine' side. You're likely to find quite a plethora of cutesy merch at this store—lunch boxes, make-up pouches, stuffed toys, tissue boxes, hair rollers and curlers, coloured gel pens, hair brushes, funky masking tape, neck pillows, razors, wall hooks for clothes, magnets, toothbrushes, phone covers, water bottles (full size and mini), fluffy keychains, sippers, swimming tubes and floats, baskets, hangers, make-up brushes, cotton pads, wallets, bags, slippers, phone covers, mamicure sets, and loads more stuff.

What Could Be Better

We wish they had an online store as well; It would be great for the lazier among us (me).

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1,000

Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi