Take A Break From The Malls & Check Out The Museum Of Folk & Tribal Arts In Gurgaon



    The Museum of Folk and Tribal art is nestled in the concrete jungle of our very own Gurgaon and showcases a wide variety of wonderful art objects

    What Lies Inside?

    The place is quite popular among folk and tribal-art lovers.  People visit its showcase of ancient and traditional art and culture and numerous handicrafts and artefacts carved out of wood, stone and iron.  The collection also comprises ornaments, clay pottery and stone carvings which leave visitors spell-bound.

    One of the main attractions of the space is the much talked about 200 ‘Shiva’ heads from the south {Karnataka} and over 200 Mukhlingas {phallic covers} of the ‘Hanuman’ bronze icons. It goes a notch higher with a collection of folk and tribal jewellery worn by women from Himachal and other states.

    So, We're Saying...

    The museum attracts people from all over the country and foreigners alike. We say, even if you’re not an enthusiast, take a trip and visit the museum on a weekend; we could all soak up some culture from time to time


    There is no entry cost an the best way to get here is to hire a taxi/cab, though private & HSRTC buses are also available.