Ditch Loud Gigs: These House Concerts Are Cosy, Affordable & Perfect For Chilling


House Concerts Delhi is making it possible for you to open your doors to a talented bunch of musicians {both established and upcoming} to perform for a close-knit and appreciative audience of family and friends. We’re a bit overwhelmed, honestly.

Keep It Low-Key But Memorable

The good folks behind the venture {it started two years back} understand how dissatisfying it is for everyone to restrict a musical performance to a crowded bar where neither the musicians nor the listeners get any quality time.  So to bring back the good ol’ times when all we needed was a singer with an acoustic guitar and a bunch of us huddled around, they decided to introduce house concerts to anyone who was keen on opening their doors to performers and music lovers. This group that initially began with concerts at friends and friends of friends’ houses has now concluded 30 plus sessions all over the city. If an acoustic gig aint your jam, they’ve even organised poetry events and more recently, a film screening.

You Play Your Part

Guys, before you jump to conclusions, House Concerts isn’t an artist management agency. In fact, far from it. They’re essentially into creating alternative spaces for art forms which means that if you’re keen on hosting a small gig in your balcony, you can co-curate the event with the House Concert peeps, have another friend of yours display paintings or a participant distribute cup cakes from her own bakery… In short, this is a community thing where everyone partakes in making it a cosy, memorable evening.

Thank God It Doesn’t Cost A Kidney

We’re so glad these guys understand how broke we all are for most part of the year – they promise us that the gigs won’t cost more than what it would to see a movie at a multiplex with popcorn perched in our lap.  Donations are collected for the performing artists at the end of the gig and you can pay what you want {the suggested donation is between INR 300 and 500 per person}. The best part: It all goes directly to the musicians.

So, We’re Saying…

It’s always been our dream to enjoy a musical evening in our shabby T-shirts, sitting in a time-beaten bean bag on our own shabby little chatt. And now, someone’s there to make this happen {we’re bringing out our lawn chairs for friends, and telling bae to get lots of chips}.For more updates, follow them on their Facebook page here.