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Five Must-Order Meats From Lion Fresh For DIY Dishes To Cook Up At Home

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What Makes It Awesome

If you suffer from a serious, carnivorous-desire like us and salivate at the slightest mention of meat, we have welcome news for you. The carnivorous crew at Lion Fresh and LBB came together for a BBQ like no other, which taught us two things: A. Veganism is probably not for a few of us and B. Lion fresh makes cooking at home for a meat-eater easy AF.

Essentially serving raw and ready-to-eat, import-quality meat to Delhi and Gurgaon, Lion Fresh delivers fresh meat and seafood to your doorstep. It’s prepared using the Sous-Vide technique (French for ‘under vacuum’), which is a slow-cooking method where food is vacuum-sealed in a packet and put in temperature-controlled water for 6-8 hours, enhancing the texture and bringing out the flavour of the meats.

What do you order? Ready-to-eat British style bacon and authentic pork ‘Kransky’ sausage. We kick started our BBQ session by gorging on classic English-breakfast dishes. Our plate was riddled with contrasting flavours; the sweet beans served with salty British style bacon along with toast, Pork Kransky sausage and a portion of scrambled eggs augured a tasty afternoon. We also got the Lean and tender- pork baby back ribs that we glazed with barbecue sauce and olive oil, that was juicy and crackly and just what we needed after a heavy breakfast. We also got the American Style Pulled Pork and put it between 2 buns for the juiciest burger around (no shade thrown at fast food places) but seriously, it took us under 5 minutes and tasted restaurant quality. We also got the Pork Belly that we put inside a wrap and while we felt super super full, we weren't close to being done eating. This wrap took 3 minutes to make and it's now our go-to meal when we're in a hurry. We also got a lamb rack that we were always too intimidated to try cooking on our own until now. We had to bake it then grill it so it was a longer process than the other dishes but the hard work paid off; if  you are looking to invite and impress some guests this weekend with your cooking, do consider the lamb rack with olive oil, rosemary and crushed garlic.

Price: INR 210 for raw chicken, pork sous vide starts at INR 325


They have gourmet cheese, too, on their website which will go perfectly with the burgers and the breakfast spread.