Have You Eaten The Mutton Kebabs At Matka Peer?



    When at Matka Peer, head to Babu Shahi’s to pick up your biryani. While you’re waiting, grab yourself a couple of hot mutton kebabs and some rumali roti.

    Kebabs > Abs

    If you’ve been to Matka Peer, you know the rate at which biryani is doled out, packed in big dongas, or served on plates. The deep-fried mutton kebabs are doled out at the same frantic pace, along with hot rumali rotis, green chutney and onions.

    Don’t go here expecting the best kebabs in the world, but go here for the experience, and for kebabs that are pretty good, perfect for a cold winter day/evening.

    So, We're Saying

    Skip the first guy, and head to Babu Shahi. Don’t forget to feed the hungry doggies!