My Sensitive Skin Loves This Coffee Face Mask

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Cup of Coffee - Clay Face Mask

Cup of Coffee - Clay Face Mask


What Makes It Awesome?

Ok, so if you're a face products junkie, you will find this post very 2000 and late.

I have the world's most low maintenance "skincare" routine. This is kind of intentional; I have sensitive skin (Exhibit A, when I get my upper lip threaded, it's red for a good 15-20 mins) and break out pretty easily. So apart from a light face wash, a moisturizer, sunscreen and a weekly light scrub (all the products I use are up on my profile), I don't use much else. I recently saw a couple of cool seeming products on LBB, and I think all those goddamn beauty videos on Instagram inspired me to shop a bunch of products- including this awesome face mask from Bio Blush.

It's got coffee (yay!) and a couple of other natural ingredients (I don't know much about beauty products, and will not pretend to know ingredients beyond coffee in this mask) All you've got to do is put on a layer of it on your face, wait for 10 minutes, and wash it off.

The results, as you can see, are excellent. I didn't get any redness on my face, no allergies, nada. The coffee acts as a light exfoliator; any my skin seemed cleaner once I washed off the mask (swipe right to see results!) My skin feels super soft, and after rinsing off the mask, I applied a light aloe gel (another recent purchase. I'm learning, guys, I'm learning) and voilà!

All in all, great product. I'm super happy with the results, and will probably use this once a fortnight.