What Is It?

A two-week long festival celebrating Asia’s hottest chilli pepper- the raja mircha, aka the ghost pepper. Nagaland’s Kitchen has gone ahead and created an entire thali of spicy dishes.

Who Is It For?

For those who can handle spice and love lots of heat in their food. However, this isn’t a great deal for vegetarians as the thali only comes in chicken and pork variants.

The thali includes boiled vegetables, steamed rice, spare pork ribs with raja mircha dip, chicken/pork raja mircha, raja mircha bloody Mary, dry meat pickle, chives {repchi lun} and raja mirchi chutney.

Why Should I Go For It?

Because, Raja Mircha Bloody Marys. We’ve tried pork ribs at Nagaland’s Kitchen before and were pretty happy with the quality of the meat. It’s also a great opportunity to acquaint yourself with Naga food in general.

Anything Else?

They’ve got a super cosy place complete with flowy curtains so you may want to make a booking for date night.

Featured photo: Nagaland’s Kitchen