Nanking Is Back & We'll Always Love Their Meaty Dishes

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Head to Nanking for a restaurant decked in Chinese décor, and a menu full of delectable meat dishes, dim sum and amazing seafood.

The Past

We have this recollection, a distant memory in the fogs of our minds, of when we were 10 years old and visited an absolutely gorgeous Chinese restaurant with some of the best gourmet Chinjabi we had ever tasted.

It was that experience that eventually spiralled into our present culinary appreciation for all Asian cuisines. This restaurant – Imperial Garden – eventually closed down, but the owners quickly brought us another establishment serving up similar scrumptious food. That establishment was Nanking.

A Firm Favourite

Known for their seafood, one dish this restaurant excels at is the crab; the Jumbo Crab in Szechwan sauce, specifically. The sauce is not on the menu so be sure to ask for it. Its spicy flavour complements the humongous, delicious crab.

#LBBTip: Be sure to take the bibs they offer, because it gets messy.

Another favourite, the Crispy Lamb, is one of our favourite Chindian dishes ever, and Nanking does it well {watch out for the red chillies}.

What Else They Got?

The Crispy Spinach, Mongolian Chicken and Sweet and Sour Pork all stand out. The chicken is packed with flavour, and goes delightfully with rice, while the pork is for those of us looking for something meaty without too much spice. The spinach and assorted dim sum make for great snacks before the main courses.

For accompaniments, we suggest the Mixed Meat Fried Rice {with seafood} and the Pan Fried Noodles mix. And perhaps consider washing it all down with a beer. Nothing goes better with Chinese in our opinion.

So, We're Saying...

Nanking has a special place in our hearts {a family favourite you see}, and it really has been a major catalyst to our becoming Chindian fanatics. While the pricing may feel steep at times, we’re ready to forgive all that for the delicious food and the free slice of nostalgia.