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Luxury At Its Best: Get The Royal Treatment At Narendra Bhawan

    Probably one of the most satisfying weekend getaways, Bikaner’s Narendra Bhawan offers an experience that’ll charge you up. I’d suggest coming here with your families (and pets) for some quality time. 

    It's the former home of the last Maharaja of Bikaner, which has been renewed to look and feel exactly like a modern, royal residence (instead of a hotel).  You’re sure to feel the difference as soon as enter. Expect a special kind of welcome (I’ll spare you the spoiler), post which, you’ll be led to a drawing room and given welcome drinks (the way royal guests are usually received). There’s no lobby or reception. 

    The rooms and the services were absolutely impeccable. While the residence rooms are the most basic ones of the lot, the Prince, India, Regimental and Republic rooms, each come with a fascinating story and theme of their own.

    Experiences you’ve got to watch out for — the spa, the infinity pool, and the seven-course Museum Dinner (Don’t think twice if you have to shell out a bit extra, the experience will be worth it, pinky swear). 

    What Could Be Better

    You might want to plan your trip in advance and make your travel and accommodation bookings ASAP. There’s only one small aircraft that operates between Delhi and Bikaner.


    Take some time to ask the staff about how the place has been designed - it’s two years of sheer hard work and exhaustive imagination.

    Do go shopping and get loads of Bikaneri bhujia, achars and leheriya saris home. 

    Bibliophiles, you’re in for a treat. They’ve got the Penguins classic collection (all 1000 of them), encyclopedias and plenty of limited edition books stacked in multiple corners. Just pick your spot and read away (I’d recommend the Diwali Chowk).