NaturUp’s Jams & Syrups Are The Best Way To Make Breakfast Fun & Tropical!

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What Makes It Awesome

We went online looking for a very simple thing; jam to put on our toast without 100 ingredients in them, jams not full of preservatives or sugar or artificial flavourings. That’s when we found NaturUp. Their range of jams, syrups, and coconut water powder, all have under 5 ingredients and we love how the flavours aren’t the conventional strawberry or grape; rather they’ve got super fun and new flavours like Jackfruit (oh, yes), Banana and our tropical favourite, Passion Fruit! Another thing we liked was how the jams were rich in Vitamins like Vitamin A in the Passion Fruit Jam which is great for immunity and Vitamin C in the Guava Jam. 

We tried out the Banana Jam that we were a little wary about but it tasted really good with peanut butter on toast and we might be saying bye to our usual PB & J and replacing it with this new combination. We also got the Coconut Water Powder Mix and we loved how it only has 3 natural ingredients so it’s pretty much the same as drinking fresh coconut water but without the hassle of opening one up (and spilling it everywhere, speaking from experience.) And just ‘cause we like to experiment, we made another glass of it and added the Passion Fruit Syrup, with the crunchy texture of the passion fruit seeds, to it and we think it’ll now be our go-to summer drink, we just wish we could’ve been sipping it on a beach! We’ve also got our eye on the Passion Fruit Jam and Jackfruit Jam for our next order.

Price: INR 145 onwards

What Could Be Better

We’d love to see some more tropical flavoured jams, maybe pineapple or grapefruit? 


We think adding a spoonful of the Guava or Banana Jam to your post workout smoothie will give it a really, really nice fruity touch.


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