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Navya: For All Your Home Decor Needs & Breakfast

Navni posted on 16 March


Navya occupies a mid-sized basement in Meharchand Market. A glimpse inside will have you looking at bright and flowery crockery, trays, cushions and a bunch of trinkets for your home.

Plate Expectations

A look around the crowded space at Navya had us eyeing their plates and platters with greed – a large ceramic one with an equally large sunflower printed on it, in particular. Flower motifs seem to be everywhere and we couldn’t help but feel we were in a somewhat Indianised Victorian tea house. You can even score an old style tea pot and tea cups here, and play hostess {or host} at your very own high tea party.

Flutter Around

Apart from flowers, another recurring theme is butterflies. You’ll find these on cookie jars, plates, bowls, vases, clocks and garden accessories. If you’ve got a green thumb, you’ll find quite a few things of interest here; the giant tea cup planters for one – these come in a bunch of prints including floral and polka dots. Uber cute.

Other knick knacks include brocade bottle covers in different designs, trays featuring chevron as well as animal prints, coasters, mirrors, mini rickshaw showpieces, antique telephones, tissue boxes, bookends and mason jars.

If you’re looking for a house warming gift for someone, the shop is worth a look-see.


While we’d love to eat our doughnuts and croissants off the pretty platters here, you have to climb out, walk a couple of metres and climb further into Vintage 31- the cafe by the Navya peeps. They have a whole selection of Continental fare, but we’d recommend it most for breakfast. They’ve got some great egg and sausage combinations. Next pit stop?

Price: Starting at INR 150 for a bottle cover

Timings: 10am – 8pm

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locationLodhi Colony

Shop - 93, Meharchand Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

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locationLodhi Colony