Treat Your Tastebuds With Flavoured Honey From This E-Store

What Makes It Awesome

We like our overnight oats topped with honey and sometimes, we even sweeten our mango shake with this flavourful ingredient - sugar isn't healthy, right? If honey is your favourite too (just like us), what if we tell you that honey also comes in so many different flavours? Well, Nectworks is this online brand that does honey in different flavours and we are screaming in joy.

They currently have two different flavours available which are, cinnamon-infused honey and vanilla flavoured honey. Just when you feel, your life is getting monotonous and those overnight oats aren't helping either, these flavoured jars would do the trick. We have even started thinking of a flavourful recipe now for the oats that we'd be preparing tonight. 

Oh, and did you know that honey also acts as an immunity booster? Here you go, another reason to shop for these jars.

Price: Multiflora honey is priced at INR 130, cinnamon and vanilla flavoured for INR 199.


These are available to shop on LBB too. So, shop here for hassle-free deliveries.