A New Cafe, Ticksy, Puts A Lot Of Cheese (And Heart) Into Its Lasagna & Co

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Right next to Pema’s in Shivalik, is a compact little cafe by the name of Ticksy. The bright yellow walls, the graffiti and dreamcatchers make it the quintessential neighbourhood hangout to catch a bite {and gossip} with your tiny weekend gang. Note to self: Get the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza and Potato Chunky Chicken Pizza along with the repeat order of a cold coffee every single time. 

Fish For Compliments

After resisting a pressing urge to pick from the all-day breakfast menu {sausage and eggs forever!}, we got ourselves grilled fish in lemon butter sauce, Polo Chicken, Cheesy Parsels and veg lasagna.

While waiting for our food, we hung out with a glass of cold coffee and kiwi mojito. The coffee was just the way we like it {less sugar and perfectly strong} and the mojito was a refreshing treat after a long work day.

The meat eater enjoyed the fish that came with the perfect seasoning and fries. The sauteed veggies were a welcome addition and done till the right amount of crunch. The Polo chicken that came stuffed with three different types of cheese and a cute smiley-faced heap of mash potato is what we’d imagine comfort food to be like for someone who inhabits planet cheese. For us, though, we prefer the two of them by themselves. The lasagna had a very Big Chill-y taste with layers after layers of veggies, sauce and bliss but the cheesy parsels, a cheesy rendition of a typical spring roll is what actually took us by surprise… A veritable party for the taste buds.

Labour Of Love

The main course polished off, we waited for the dessert. And boy, it won’t be stretch to say that it’s one of the best we’d ever had – perfectly molten and gooey inside and a crusty on the outside. It also comes with scoops of vanilla ice cream and raspberry syrup to complete the pretty picture. Now let us tell you, you have the luxury of desserts only if you’re dining in. 

The food aside, we enjoyed the attention that the owner showered on us. She’s almost always around and super chatty if you’re up for some chit chat. Kritika is originally from Darjeeling and has had a short stint as a food blogger herself. Her motto at Ticksy is very simple: To serve good food that speaks to the soul. If you’re patient and perceptive, you’ll be able to see her passion in the way she talks about food.

So, We're Saying...

Drop by if you’re in the area. Remember to try the dessert.