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Crossfitters, There's A New Gym In {G)Town & We Think You'll Like It

    Sector 52, Gurgaon


    Let go of that boring gym membership and check out Meru Crossfit for some fun, fast crossfit workouts!

    An Out-Of-The-Box Workout

    As more and more people turn to the global phenomenon that is Crossfit, more and more boxes are opening up in the city and we couldn’t be happier. The workout sessions are in small groups where the coaches give attention and importance to technique, the building blocks of any fitness regimen. Better technique means more efficient workouts and greater results.

    Essentially, all boxes are the same, but as Crossfit evolves so does the workout – there’s a lot more equipment involved in these intense, body-weight focused workouts. At Meru Crossfit,  for instance, air bikes feature predominantly in your sweat sessions {and your quads can thank you for that!}. However, at the end of the day, the real workout machine will have to be you.

    Strong Is Sexy

    Once you do crossfit, there’s no turning back. By far one of the most intense and addictive workouts in the world of fitness, Crossfit is a test of your endurance, strength and overall fitness. Unlike a regular gym where you have to push yourself and look for motivation daily making it seem like the worst chore, a crossfit gives you the drive and desire from within to get better, stronger and work on yourself harder.

    What We Love

    Meru Crossfit is a bright, happy workout space. We love that it feels airy and bright because intense WODs leave you sweaty and gasping for air. The sense of camaraderie is incredible as well and you’ll always find people cheering each other on, especially during super difficult routines.


    We suggest you quickly book a trial class and rush to take advantage of their inaugural offers.

      Sector 52, Gurgaon