Shake It Like Shami! This Food Truck In Noida Is Doing Epic Mughlai Khaana

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Chinese vans are old news. We found a food truck last week {with a heavy-duty kitchen} dishing out Mughlai food in Sector 4. Going by the name Ammi’s Kitchen, it’s got mutton dishes, kebabs and tikkas that keep people going back.

The Food's Smokin' Hot!

Sajid Ali has no formal education in food. In fact, he was an Economics guy, most likely to take over the family business of copper wires… only he fell in love with a Spanish food truck while studying abroad. When he came back armed with a  degree in international business, he realised that his heart belonged in the kitchen {and not a boardroom}.

Launching Ammi’s Kitchen as a totally home-run venture, he took baby steps towards home delivery, and it kinda picked up. People absolutely loved his shami kebabs. “There was a time last year when I was packing and delivering almost 30-40 shami kebab orders almost every day,” Sajid tells us. The menu evolved as he went along. Even a year later, with the food truck stationed, the menu doesn’t run into pages.

Yes, you’ll find everything on the expected skewers. Think kakori kebabs, chicken and mutton seekh kebabs, keema pao and a whole section of vegetarian rolls. One bite of the tikka, and you’ll know that Sajid doesn’t believe in cutting corners. He makes a trip to Old Delhi specially for the masalas and the meat is sourced from a chosen vendor in Okhla {none of the substandard mandi chicken goes into his biryani}.

We tried the soya chaap and chicken biryani post a very heavy lunch, and they were impressive even on a full stomach. The soya, with a little bit of lemon squeezed on top, was one of the best we’ve had in the city and way way better than our regular Waah Ji Waah. The chicken biryani came with the yummiest mint chutney we’ve ever had. Its rice was fragrant, and the chicken was gorgeously juicy. The clear winner, however, was the roomali roti with chicken badami korma with lots of cream, butter and dry fruits. Remember to order servings of all these in case you’re around. Oh, and their special, shahi rabri.

So, We're Saying...

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