A Ta Maison


Remember clubs and cliques you got to be a privileged member of growing up? If you didn’t, it’s probably great to know how little it matters anymore, and better still, here’s one you can get to be a part of {after some screening}. From the house of PCO and Worship Salon, comes A Ta Maison, a private members’ club designed to provide second best to home quarters for all its members. Equipped with a teak wood bar, casual dining bistro, formal dining room, patio, lawn, library, sunroom, and a by appointment salon service, we’re rethinking the second in the second best to home status. Situated in a quiet, residential colony of Sunder Nagar, think butler service, fine food {the chef has trained under 4 different Michelin star chefs}, privacy, carefully curated wine and malt selections, and some signature cocktails. Ideally targeted towards a high-end work sharing space, the idea is to bring together the seasoned and more professional entrepreneur. Unlike most cliques, they don’t have strict prerequisites; you don’t necessarily have to be an entrepreneur. What sets them apart is their investment in providing entrepreneurs and members avenues of growth, cultural experiences, and social and networking mixers, all coming to life as regularly programmed members-only events. Think Sunday brunches and roasts, trunk shows, book clubs, talks on investments and entrepreneurship, and the ultimate Gentleman’s night; networking over cigars and single malt. Stay tuned as we get to experience a day spent over at their Maison {which is French for house}.

Where: 21 Sunder Nagar Market

Price: Membership is split into three levels, and lucky for you, inaugural membership rates are currently available.

Access a la Maison: INR 29,000/year {with the option of bringing in 3 guests}

Tempted par la Maison: INR 49,000/year {with the option of bringing 5 guests, and INR 29,000 redeemable against food and drink}

Master de la Maison: INR 89,000 {with the option of bringing 9 guests, and full amount redeemable against food and drink}

How to be a member: Best. Question. Yet. All membership is by invitation, and you can be nominated by an existing member. Alternatively, you may get in touch at membership@atamaison.com or contact Rakshay Dhariwal on 9999449977. We recommend getting in touch directly.



So excited it’s here! Nooba’s been one of our top favourites of best ever magnitudes for such a long time; sadly, it killed our spirit to head to Cyber City’s building #8 for that awesome meal. Which is why we’re thrilled that Nooba has opened a branch right on Golf Course Road, and it looks nothing like its corporate cousin. Ask for the Chinese menu, which is more Chinese than the regular Chinese. Say what? Okay, the special menu is proper authentic Chinese {not the Fauji Dhaba kind of authentic} and was developed for businessmen visiting from China. The chef is from the Sichuan province and makes a super Lamb Seju. We usually ask for Asparagus & Mushrooms, with white garlic to temper the Seju heat. If you’re not up for anything super spicy, go for the meals in a bowl from the regular menu. Whatever you order, it’s going to be good.

Where: Golf Course Road, next to Ibis Hotel, Gurgaon

Contact: Find them here 

Price: INR 1500 for a meal for two; bar license awaited

Caffe Tonino


Giving al fresco favourite Tonino a more city charm, Caffe Tonino has opened its doors in the heart of the city. A twist to the original and much beloved Tuscan charm, Caffe Tonino is a less fancy, more relaxed spin on its MG Road sister. Situated right next to Nizams in the PVR Plaza building in CP, it stays true to its inspirations and design aesthetic, with wooden floors, exposed brick walls, fuss free furniture and industrial light fittings. As for the food, hints of Tonino’s authentic Italian fare remain in this new and improved bistro menu, with a generous breakfast offering served every morning, post 8.30 am. Bookmark for their selection of homemade breads, wood fired pizzas, and summer drinks specials. Best news for weight watchers – their sandwiches come in a host of different mix and match options, so you can keep erasing calories as you order.

Where: H Block, 1st Floor, PVR Plaza Building, Connaught Place

Contact: 011 26804017

Price for two: INR 1400 {approx}