By Rupali Lamba

Azoté {pronounced azot-ey; Italian for Nitrogen}, is the swanky new sweet spot in the city – C-11/1 SDA market to be exact. While on one of our monthly jaunts, looking to stock the office cookie jar and savour a famous SDA shawarma or two, our eyes simultaneously fell upon flashy blue lights accentuating a dimly lit, minimal space. We headed towards the facade and came across a heavy, deep hued refrigerator door {SO cool}, and a sign that read ‘Azoté; Nitro ice creams | Patisserie | Chocolaterie’

Once we entered, {post trying to figure out how this particular fridge door worked, failing at it, and ultimately being let in}, we saw three glossy red Kitchen Aid mixers, a giant tank of Nitrogen, and more displays of delicately crafted dessert. The items ranged from pannacotta and macarons, to multi layered cakes and tarts, and brownies and bread.

While taking it all in, the man behind the magic, Sahil Mehandroo, told us that we just had to try the ice creams. We were apprehensive at first, given that it isn’t particularly ice cream friendly weather, but we couldn’t resist, and that’s when it all began… Potions were concocted as the mixers whirred, and there was a whole lot of nitrogen fog that made this ice cream experience rather unique.

After a few moments, we were handed a paper cup each, one with the most deliciously chocolaty sorbet, and another full of creamy coffee ice-cream, with a syringe that contained a light chocolate sauce. In the interim, the third of our ‘party’ had purchased a pannacotta. Intermittently tasting all these delights was a heady mix of discovery, both for our palates, as well as for an office reward system. The only complaint I had was the potency of the coffee flavour, but I believe that degrees of potency may be requested.

We then contemplated taking some ice cream home, but apparently this ice cream doesn’t remain in the perfect consistency for too long.  Thus, we recommend this not only for the theatrics and indulgence, but also to encourage those who stay clear of the traditional business degree route, go to Le Cordon Bleu, Australia, and come back with coolness.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

A swanky Nitro ice creams | Patisserie | Chocolaterie nook, Azoté is ideal for light hearted indulgence. Not to be outshone by the USP – Nitrogen ice cream that is made in front of you – the rest of the items on display exude craftsmanship, and a delicate yet evolved flavour profile.

Where: C-11 , SDA Market, Opp IIT Delhi

Contact: 011 33105637

Price for 2: INR 500 approx

For more information, find them on Facebook here.