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New in Town | Introducing Honey Twigs

Aditi posted on 5th January

Well, it’s officially happened… Honey just got shrunk.

Or at least, the jars in which it is to be found. The next good thing to come in a small package, Honey Twigs is a brand new story in sucking it up; it’s chuski-style honey. Probably the size of our little fingers {or a twig, if you will}, these on-the-go packets are easy to use, and help overcome some of the reasons why honey isn’t consumed nearly as often as it should be. Messy jars, messy fingers, unavailability in most cafes, and sacrificing a precious spoon per intended cup usually make up the reasons we don’t get enough of this superfood.

Honey Twigs is all set to usher in the golden age of honey with its smart, single-serve packaging – perfect as a quick energy snack for kids if needed or to carry as a healthy alternative to the office or the gym, or when you simply can’t be bothered with sticky fingers. Besides the packaging, we love the honey itself for its rich all-natural amber colour, and sweet {but not overly so} taste. The honey is of the Multiflora variety, produced in the Himachal-Punjab belt, and free from dilution, adulteration, artificial syrups, or any non-natural factors that could make it sickly sweet.

We could be busy as bees telling you all the reasons honey is so, so good for you – from its medicinal uses like resolving coughs or managing insulin, to medical-cosmetic uses like treating burns or managing weight, to plain cosmetic uses in beauty products, or a plain matter of taste when it comes to a guilt-free sweetener – or, you could simply go for gold instead.

Honey Twigs is popping up all over the city, and will soon be found at your local supermarket – we’ll make sure you know the buzz!

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