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What To Do In New Orleans If You Love Music, Food And Dance

    ‘The Big Easy’ aka New Orleans, popularly known for being the birthplace of jazz, is a haven for music and dance lovers. Most of the best music can be found in The French Quarter of the city, and with live music and dancing at almost every corner, there’s just so much to do.

    Here are a few things you have to check out in New Orleans that’ll have you going back for more.

    Bourbon Street, Make Way For Frenchman Street

    As time progressed, the vibe of New Orleans that emanated from the great music on Bourbon Street got lost. While the fame remains, the best music doesn’t, and most of it instead moved to Frenchman Street. Some clubs do charge a small entry fee, and most of them enforce a one-drink-minimum rule.

    My picks from spending every evening on Frenchman Street would be Bamboula’s, The Spotted Cat Music Club and d.b.a. You’ll also find your fair share of brass bands and folk musicians playing on the street with no one competing for space. You can also catch the bands playing at Musical Legends Park on Bourbon Street.

    Watch The Street Performers At Jackson Square

    Right in the heart of the historic French Quarter is Jackson Square, which is teeming with street musicians, palm readers and artists during the day. With numerous styles from folk music, contemporary jazz, brass and rap, you’ll find more-than-enough quality music around the park at Jackson Square, where you can easily spend all day. If you like what you see and hear, don’t forget to tip the performers.

    Any Time Is Good For Dancing

    New Orleans brings out the dancer in you; you’ll find couples breaking into serious dance routines at the drop of a hat. Whether it’s a club playing swing music in the afternoon or a music festival, or even a simple brass band playing on the streets at midnight, you can be assured there will be dancing. This isn’t limited to a few clubs, but anywhere in the city where there is music. Just feel free to join in.

    Also check out Maison, Mimi’s in the Marigny and the Blue Nile for an awesome dance experience.

    Vinyl Souvenirs From The City

    The Louisiana Music Factory on Frenchman Street is a must-go for any music lover. Keeping the tradition of the old-school music stores alive, the folks at the place can help you discover some of the fabulous music that has defined the history and present of New Orleans. Don’t forget to check out the $3 vinyl boxes with an overwhelming collection of jazz, rock, blues and many more genres here.

    Food And Drink At The Late Night Eateries

    New Orleans allows you to drink on the streets, as long as you use a plastic cup. So while checking out all the music, do have some of the fabulous local beers and cocktails give you company.

    Beer enthusiasts will have a plethora of choices when it comes to craft beer, so feel free to experiment. My pick is the Amber and Purple Haze, both from Abita breweries. Don’t miss out on picking up Hurricanes from the local stores; a strong cold cocktail guaranteed to light up your day. When it comes to food, don’t miss out on the food trucks around that offer you way more options than your brain can process. While I was there, my ritual to end every evening was grabbing a bag of beignets from Cafe Du Monde {open 24 hours}.