For all the fashionistas out there that like a subtle pop of colour in their daily ensembles, Aditi Bhatt’s collection of jewellery is on point. Each piece, with enamel work done by the designer herself, comes in varied rich, luscious hues that will instantly brighten up your outfit, and of course, your entire day. The range features bracelets, neckpieces, rings, cuffs and of course, earrings.

Targeted specifically at contemporary, working women between the ages of 20-40, Aditi Bhatt’s pieces are inspired by the history and tradition of India. The use of certain motifs, and the extensive use of bright colours puts them right in the segment of contemporary accessories though. Tip: You can pair them with block colours, or if you’re feeling particularly feisty, add them to an already noisy outfit to turn some heads.

Within her collection, which was launched in 2011, look out for the use of the ‘lotus’ motif, which happens to be one of the designer’s personal favourites, and will lend a feminine touch to your overall look. What we love {besides the colours of course}, is how reasonably priced these pieces are. Find some eye-catching statement rings for INR 500 only!

So far, she retails out of certain stores in Bombay and Ahmedabad, but you can definitely shop for her pieces on her website. Time and space doesn’t stand a chance against technology and your desire for new paraphernalia, ladies.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

We’ve got just the thing for you to jazz up your latest sartorial experiment- accessories in rich, sumptuous colours inspired by history, for the present. Aditi Bhatt’s collection of trinkets is fresh and fabulous, featuring pieces with intricate enamel work. Fun fact: All of the work is done personally by the designer, so each piece has a personal, authentic touch. Très chic.

You can make your selections, here.

Price: Ranging from INR 500 to INR 5000