This Newbie In Ansal Plaza Is Experimenting With Mediterranean Food Brilliantly

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The newest European bistro in Delhi is experimenting wonderfully with Mediterranean dishes and giving a dining experience that is more than just delectable food.

Chillies And Chicken Liver, Anyone?

Amuse House in Ansal Plaza is whipping up great food for the experimental foodie. While Mediterranean food is rich in flavour, the chefs there have ensured that each dish served sparks curiosity in terms of the presentation and taste, and are kind enough to explain their take on the dish with utmost detail.

We began our meal with a humble bread basket, served with bacon jam and different flavoured butters. However, we’d advise you not to fill up on this, as delicious as the jam was, because we were served Manchego and sweet corn stuffed chillies {not for the faint-hearted}. Tired of regular falafel? We had their chickpea and mint falafel served with a fresh mint and chive dressing.

The mushroom Bourak and chicken Bourak were equally pleasing, but we were more partial to the chicken, of course. {vegetarians, there are more than enough options here for you}. However, what really impressed us was the Chicken Liver Pate and Chicken Terrine, the aim here was to utilise every part of the chicken, including the liver. Served with a poached hen’s egg, the combination of the egg and liver was fantastic.

Ribs, Lamb Chops And Baklava FTW

You’d think we were stuffed, but the flavours and concepts made just made us more curious to see what else they had in store. Their pork belly served with parsnip cream and pickled pears were phenomenal, but then came a breather with their take on a beetroot and grilled goat cheese salad, served with burnt orange. Whether you’re a salad person or not, this is something you must try there.

The star of the show was the 36-hour, slow-roasted Harissa barbeque sauce glazed ribs, which left us in a food coma. Ribs are always a good idea, if you’re a pork baby, we promise you’ll thank us. The barley and chicken Risotto was pleasant, but we were too involved with the ribs to enjoy it, we recommend you save them for the last.

We wrapped up our meal with the Amuse House Med Box, which has an assortment of different Middle Eastern desserts. Out of the four served to us, we enjoyed their Baklava the most.

So, We're Saying...

If you’ve been looking for a new place to try out, Amuse house the place to go to. We only hope they get their liquor license quick , so we can enjoy some wine with their excellent food. This is definitely a place we’ll be heading back to soon.