Nicobar’s New Capsule Collection Finds Inspiration In East Indies & Morocco

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    If we had enough money to dress up our dream house exactly the way we wanted, a majority of our stops would be to Nicobar. They have a tropical theme running the whole year round, so everything is fresh, clean, and absolutely pleasing to the eye.

    From Kutch To Zanzibar

    The new season collection is called ‘Kutch To Zanzibar’, under which three separate capsule home collections rest: Cinnamon Trail, which is inspired by the flora and fauna of the East Indies—we love this Chanderi brocade cushion and striped pillow in this collection; Lily Pond, which is inspired by water lilies—you’ll see delicate gold dragonflies darting across ivory, light grey, and seafoam green tableware; and lastly Fez, which draws inspiration from the classic black and white tiles of the Moroccan courtyards, so you’ll find lots of monochrome elements and honeycomb patterns.

    Well, we know what our first purchase from this month’s paycheck is going to be.

      Available Online