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Fret No More: These Party Spots In Delhi Are Safe For Women

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We’re guessing Cyndi Lauper didn’t envision lewd comments, gropes and one too many stares when she took the town back with her army, and told us about how they just wanted to have fun. But, we did. Because girls do just wanna have fun, and here’s exactly where you can, sans the impending sense of doom. Dramatic? We’re just having fun.

PS: We cannot guarantee safety across these spots; we can only advise you best as born and bred Delhi girls, who enjoy their time out on the town.

LBB Recommends

Monkey Bar and Blue Bar

Blue Bar, Taj Palace Hotel

Expensive, yes; flooded with South Delhi’s finest, yes; but very safe. Given its location in a hotel, a certain clientele, and many bouncers that do a periodic walk through, Blue Bar is great for a gaggle of gals. PS: The music goes off at 12.30, but the bar stays open all. night. long. So, you can go home in the middle of the night. Good for just a girl twosome.

Good for: One on ones and groups

China Kitchen, Hyatt

Way overpriced according to us, but you can’t put a price on safety. Head here after one am, when the restaurant shuts down; and don’t expect loud music, just the ambience of a high-end bar. China Kitchen is also good if it’s just two of you girls.

Good for: One on ones and groups

Monkey Bar

Something about its management; you know there’s always someone who can have your back. If you’re heading to the VK digs, stay in groups to and fro your car {the area is isolated}, or just stick with valet.

Good for: One on ones and groups

Where: 3 Connaught Circus, P Block, Baba Kharak Singh Marg and Plot no 11, Pocket c6 and 7, Vasant Kunj; Contact: 01133106238 {Vasant Kunj} and 01133107898 {CP}

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Summer House Cafe

So, we recommend visiting in groups, so you can handle any unwarranted attention. That said, Summerhouse is always jam packed {especially on weekends}, so even the trek to and fro your car doesn’t feel scary. Try and score parking as close to the market as you can; the alley behind Summerhouse has some questionable dealings after hours.

Good for: Groups

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Given its speakeasy MO, you can almost always be certain of your fellow party-goers, so there isn’t much reason to worry. PCO also has a private party room you can rent out, if there’s more than 10 of you, and then you have the ultimate safety; the privacy of your own bar. PS: Try and take a driver, or park right outside; it is a residential area, and can be very isolated at night.

Good for: One on ones and groups

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Fio Cookhouse

Again, parking should be your main concern. Since three girls have a big stake in running the show, and they screen their crowd, you can be sure you’ll be safe. Fio is good for even deux; just make sure you score a spot closest to the restaurant, or go the driver route.

Good for: One on ones and groups

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TFIF - The Future Is Female

We love that this place is run by women (women empowerment, FTW) and has lush green interiors which is a breath of fresh air. Men are welcome too! 

What to order:  Manchurian pizza and Kala khatta.