Support Green And Slow Fashion With This Homegrown Label's Handcrafted Bags

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    The fashion industry is witnessing a sudden (and required) influx of more ethical brands. Consumers too are willing to invest in sustainably made products. That's precisely why we were glad to come across NIJI. 

    Headquartered in Chandigarh, NIJI is a homegrown label that promotes slow and sustainable fashion through its range of stunning, handcrafted bags. The genius behind NIJI is a NIFT, Delhi graduate, Neeji Bansal, who works directly with local artisans while introducing them to contemporary market and design trends. 

    Being proud promoters of slow fashion, their products are limited and extremely detailed. And NIJI's Ikat collection is proof of that. Available in fine geometrical shapes, these bags are made with fine handwoven fabric which they sourced from skilled, traditional weavers in a Southern village of Pochampali. The Doyal Tribox single-handedly stole the show for us with it's scintillating and distinct design.

    Their recently launched Qatran collection is the perfect embodiment of efficiency and mindfulness. Gorgeous ombre slings, tiny fanny packs, laptop sleeves and more - the products in this collection are made using leftover scraps and selvages. Following a minimalistic design, these bags come in some really soothing shades. Their range starts from INR 2,200 which is truly economical given that they're all handcrafted, made with using quality fabric. 


    Since they don't have a website as of yet, orders can be placed online through their Instagram page. The best part? They offer country-wide shipping. So, go check them out now!
      Available Online