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Uma Joshi, Akkar Bakkar, Ham Cheese Ham Burger and 12 Other Games we Should Still Play

Rashi posted on 26 May

Before the iPad, iPod, iPhone, iAnything, in simpler times, there was no dearth of the kind of games we could and did play. Although most lyrics were all over the place, and no one really knows what the hell they were talking about, the truth is, the fun was in the joy of a simpler time. Here’s 15 games we rocked in the nineties. Take that Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Temple Run, Uma Joshi will slay you any day of the week.

Tippy Tippy Tap

Let’s just agree this was to show off arts and crafts skills, so few of us could actually master a perfect tippy tippy tap.

Uma Joshi

My mother she told me, 60 years ago, there was a lady knocking at the door, with a Oooh aaah, I want some, let us get this right, was Uma Joshi looking for a Pa? Joint by a lot of hand-eye coordination, and the sense of urgency to go at lighting speed, the question remains, who is Uma Joshi?

Oranges and Lemon

Accompanied by the gnawing feeling that you’re going to be the one who gets stuck between the human ‘bridge’. Also does no one else think it’s macabre that one minute the school girls were merry, and then suddenly you were dead.

Chidiya Ud

Simple rules – you only lift your finger when the ‘speaker’ takes the name of something that can fly. Table ud? Major hating from the squad, because you know tables don’t fly. So didn’t our imagination.

Akkar Bakkar Bombay Bo

Again, who wrote these lyrics? 80, 90 a full hundred, put a thread in a hundred, and the thief ran away, then his grandmother caught him, and went to London. And the joy… when we had the privilege to fold one of our fingers. Also, saying the lyrics quickly in your head to see who’d win? Class.

Ham Cheese Ham Burger

Sauce potato, chip chip chip, sauce potato chip chip chip, and then you go on and on and on until someone dare not know another type of roll. Best game.

Name Place Animal Thing

It was always the I, K and Q, that got us, and probably still will. Also, slipping in names of crushes to try and communicate a point? Almost as good as flames.

Pukan Pukai

After having lots of anxiety in adult life, we still think nothing compares to the idea that you could possibly be the only one with your hand pointing down. The horror.


Is it odd that we still do this? An R rated version of course. We’ll never tell what what stands for; just know you could be next on our list.

In Pin Septi Pin

Our guess is that should be safety, but like we said, everything was colloquialised. Khelna hai to Khelo varna get out. Harsh.

Aao Milo Shilo Shalo

Kachcha Dhaaga, race laga lo. We plucked ten leaves, a deer’s baby, the deer went in to the water, and guess who was back to save the Hiran… the grandmother! Double role, both in Akkar Bakkar and Aao Milo.

Personal Jinx Black Magic

There was personal jinx, which was bad enough, and then if things got real bad, your opponent added the black magic, and that’s when things got real.

Ola Ola Ola, Ola Ola Clap

Yes, cheku cheku, ola ola slap. This was the thumb game, when the aim was to get a slap in at the end, and not so much the thumb. Priorities. Glad we learnt them early in life.

There was a girl, so thin, so tall so fair

Her hair her hair, was like the color ginger, and two steps back. We want to say this is how and when we learnt to take things in our stride. Especially if we weren’t thin, or tall, or fair.

Who Stole the Cookie Jar

If our current size is anything to go by, we want to confess, it was me, who me, yes me.

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