The Largest Facility For Toddlers & Kids In Delhi Has Opened In This Noida Mall



    Gardens Galleria is all set to launch Delhi NCR’s largest toddlers and kids play facility that’s full of exciting things: Burrows for tiny tots, a maze, tarzan logs, foam ball battles, spiral slides and more. There’s also an activity zone reserved for workshops and a gourmet cafe.

    All Study Makes Jack A Dull Boy

    It’s too hot for parks and the rusty swing is an accident waiting to happen anyway. Sometimes you’ve also wondered if you can take the kid with his/her buddies to a safe play zone that’s mentally stimulating and secure enough for a bit of rough and tumble. And now, here’s an answer to all your worries: PlayBox.

    To give you an idea, we’re talking 14,000 sqft of play area that’s been carefully designed for different age groups {you don’t want a 7-year-old wrestling for space with a 2-year-old}. After the kids have had their share of fun time, you can accompany them to SnackBox, a cafe that serves healthy treats. Oh, and it can host a party almost 80 people so the next time you’re upset about the Mc Donald’s outlet shutting down, remember there’s something bigger and better here. 

    Next in line is a studio here that’ll organise 52 weeks of bonding activities including Zumba, paper-rocket making, music, recycling and more… Basically everything where parents can bond with their little ones.

    So, We're Saying...

    Plan a full day out at the mall. There are a whole bunch of great restaurants where you can grab a drink or a burger and follow it up by rewarding the children with some time at PlayBox. Perfect plan? We’d say so.