Ten-Second Takeaway

PVR’s launched their hugest cinema yet, the Superplex, at Logix City Centre, Noida, and we’ve got some details for you.


Image courtesy: PVR Cinemas

Image courtesy: PVR Cinemas

What actually caught our attention was the sign hanging outside Logix City Centre {which honestly, we first thought was an abandoned mall} that proudly displays the PVR logo and beneath that says: 4DX, Atmos, Playhouse and IMAX.

Yup, the first IMAX has finally come to north India.

We hear that the Superplex has 15 screens {!} that include three Gold Class, one IMAX screen, one 4DX screen, nine main screens and our favourite, a dedicated screen for children- the Playhouse. Seriously, look at it— we sincerely hope adults are allowed in there too. 

Will you be watching a movie here soon?

Featured image courtesy: PVR Cinemas