Pickles by PC for Your Mutton, Pork & Prawn Cure

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Pickles by PC

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Practically a household name by now, Pickles by PC is run by Preeti Chaddha, who is known for her veggie and non-veggie home-made pickles.

Pickle me pink

From sourcing ingredients to running quality checks on the finished products, Preeti does everything on her own, and her hard work has paid off. Pickles by PC has won over many die-hard dal chawal eaters with the made-to-order non-veg pickles—mutton, chicken, pork, prawn, and fish—all of which are preservative-free and perfectly good to polish off within three months {unlike the commercial variants that last for years due to the preservative overload}.

The experiment Queen

Preeti’s experiments with veggie pickles came later, but she’s covered ground quite quickly. We tried her rendition of the khatta-meetha and we can tell you it was a good few cuts above the usual. She has now expanded her territory from the usual lime, mango, garlic, and chilli to more innovative varieties like karela, bamboo shoot {with Bhut Jolokia!} and the entirely interesting jalapeno, tomato, and onion creations in beer.

The most recent experiments have given way to some rather interesting options: Himalayan Gal Gal, Himalayan Fruit Lakoocha, Raw Turmeric Chutney, Bhut Jolokia Stuffed Pickle, Keema Green Chilli Pickle in Lime, and Dry Fish Red Chutney. And as exotic as these sound, each of these flavours taste distinctly home-made.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where: Delivery available in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon {They even ship out orders to Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, & Jaipur}

Contact: +91 9811308565

Price: Starting at INR 950 {excluding delivery charges}

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