Gender-Neutral, Minimalist & Bold: This Label's DIY Accessories Redefine Unique!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Truly outstanding inventions are hard to come by, especially in a category that has limited itself to similar designs and gender for centuries. We're talking about jewellery. But when Smruti Mathisekaran envisioned a world where personal accessories unites and fosters an expression of individuality, something special was born, a revolutionary idea, if you will. She shares, "The brand, NoNaMé (noh-nah-may) does not seek to fixate on an existing meaning (no-name) but as a notion to convey the freedom of self expression without preconceived stereotypes, names or rules and to be free, to be whatever it chooses to be." 

    If this philosophy doesn't already have you falling in love, wait till you check out what's on offer! Because we guarantee you've seldom seen accessories made with handmade & cut leather and gold plated brass. That's right! Smruti sources these materials from local artisans in Mumbai (where she is based) to design gender-neutral, minimal yet bold and statement-making pieces of wearable art. But this isn't where the excitement ends. Alongside playing with unconventional geometric forms, NoNaMé adds an element of DIY. Remember, free to be whatever you want to be? Well, most of the NoNaMé's concept and modular accessories can be assembled in multiple ways.

    Our fave piece, Cane comes as an easy DIY kit with an how-to assembly guide that lets you build 2 compositions of a Neck Collar (Cane or Abel), interchangeably. Also check out Ascend -- a sleek set that can be worn as a necklace and a gladiator cuff, the very cool and sophisticated hair embellishment, Chaste and all of the 'Fingers' line for killer rings.


    Most of NoNaMé's line of Neck, Hand, Body and Hair accessories (chokers, long necklaces, belts, bracelets) can be assembled and worn as a different piece each. Prices are a little on the high-end side, ranging between INR 3,000 to INR 8,000 but given the high quality, functionality and uniqueness and yet universality of each accessory, consider this an informed investment! Shop for NoNaMé on LBB.