No Pain Necessary: Here Are 10 Gorgeous Nose Pins You Can Wear Without A Piercing

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A nose pin can change your look from basic to beautiful in a mere second. But, a lot of us refrain from getting a piercing because of how much it might hurt. Worry not, ladies; we’ve got you a list of 10 beautiful nose pins that are elegant and don’t require you to put yourself in any pain.

1. Flower in a Box Nosepin By Quirksmith

Perfect for the days you want to wear kurtas and sarees, this nose pin will give a rather ethnic spin to your Indian outfit.

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Price: INR 800

2. Three-Layered Septum Ring By Benaazir

If you’re looking at making a statement and think that a septum ring is the way to, grab this one right away. If you’re mixing up desi and videsi in terms of your outfit; this ring will help you rock that fusion look.

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Price: INR 700

3. Oxidized Silver Geometric Ring By ROIA

There are days when you’re not looking at making a statement and want a much smaller nose pin for yourself. Pick out this one for its simplicity and elegance.

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Price: INR 990

4. Laal Patthar Nose Pin By Precious & You

A little colour coming in with your nose pin can really add to your outfit. This nose pin, with red-colored stones would look perfect with a basic black outfit or something colourful, as well.

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Price: INR 750

5. Maal Nose Pin By Knick Knack Nook

If you’re a quirky person who wants to stand out from the crowd at all times, get your hands on this nose pin that spells out ‘maal’. Super edgy and unique, this one is bound to fetch a lot of compliments.

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Price: INR 159

6. The Button By Flying Fish Accessories

Talking about quirky, this cute nose pin shaped like a button is very edgy and offbeat. Wear it with Indian or Western clothes, this nose pin will always make you stand out.

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Price: INR 1, 000

7. Classic Silver Nose Pin By Benaazir

If you’ve been looking for a nose pin that can be worn every day and isn’t too edgy, this one would be perfect. A design that looks good on all, get your hands on this one right away.

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Price: INR 1200

8. Textured Nose Pin By Benaazir

There are times when you want a simple nose pin that is more detailed and elaborate. For such times, pick out this nose pin. It’s a simple, circular design that is textured and can be worn regularly.

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Price: INR 950

9. Pink-Green Silver Nose Pin By Dev Crafts

When you’re looking for that perfect nose pin that goes with every saree and every festive occasion, this piece is the perfect pick for you.

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Price: INR 250

10. Leaf Nose Stud By Kala Chowk

A leaf-shaped nose pin that has an elaborate design carved on it will always work well, no matter which ocassion you plan to wear it for. This nose stud is the perfect balance between fancy and elegant.

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Price: INR 250