Crystal Duck Or Spicy Asparagus: Noshi Delivers Scrumptious Dim Sum & Sushi

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What Makes It Awesome

Noshi is an experience right from when you start browsing their menu until you take that last bite. Seriously, you could spend hours poring over their beautifully illustrated menu.

The packaging is such a visual treat, we actually stopped to admire it for an entire two minutes before unleashing ourselves on the food. And that’s a long time to go without food, especially when it’s right in front of you and you’re ravenous. Great for a big group of dim sum and sushi lovin’ folks, Noshi does triple boxes as well as Hexa boxes. There are 31 types of dim sum and 37 types of sushi, so you can have a ball picking and choosing.

The Prawn & Chive dim sum had the most gorgeous translucent covering and a succulent filling that’s making our mouth water just thinking about. The Crystal Duck dim sum comes with a delicious pecking duck, hoisin, and cherries filling. And where do we even begin with the BBQ Pork Ribs Dim Sum? Fatty double-cooked pork ribs that were gloriously glazed with a coffee molasses glaze. *brb, gotta place our orders* 


Don't let the Covid-19 pandemic make you miss out on Noshi's fare. They're delivering within a five-kilometer radius of GK and you can place orders at +91 9810023359 or order in via Zomato. 

They're following strict WHO guidelines during meal prep and delivery, so you can order in without worrying too much.