Nourish Organics Is Stocked With Lots Of Reasons To Eat Clean


From healthy breakfast options to super snacks, Nourish Organics has everything you need to stock your pantry with to ensure you stick to your clean eating goals.

Super Start To The Day

Breakfast sets the tone for the day and while we usually love our pancakes and eggs, we do try to maintain a balance with things like oats and muesli. This is where Nourish Organics wins big points.

They have a vast selection of muesli in a variety of grains. Cranberry super grain granola and cocoa crunch muesli might be the crowd favourites, but if you want to start your morning with a big bowl of energy, we suggest you opt for their Seeds + Nuts muesli. It is packed with fibre, omega -3’s and healthy plant protein, so you can’t go wrong.

We’re also intrigued by their superfood, wonder seed Amaranth muesli.

Snack On

Stop the press! They’ve got a snack called Wasabi Poha. Why didn’t anyone think of that? You’ve got to try this one for the love of wasabi and everything covered in the pungent {sinuses clearing} flavour of wasabi.

Their cinnamon coconut chips are made from freshly baked tender coconut and, apart from being delicious crisps to snack on, they make a great addition to your morning cereals too.

What We Loved

Cookies are something we all reach out for when we’re struck by snack pangs. With Nourish Organics we can at least cut down on the guilt factor.  Our day is sorted with their chocolate coconut cookies and the fig amaranth cookies.