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We Got Eyelash Extensions & It's Not As Scary As It Sounds

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What Makes It Awesome

An hour and a half after I hesitantly stepped into Novalash in Select City Walk, I walked out with long, thick and fluttering eyelashes and the promise that they would last 4 – 8 weeks.

Eyelash extensions sound scary and I was a little reluctant to try them; the fear of losing my already-scanty lashes was too much for me. However, to the end of trying new things and owning the overused adage ‘carpe diem’, I decided to go for it.

The good people at Novalash have probably answered the same questions for the five years they’ve been open, and they give you lots of information about the process, how to care for your new luscious lashes and even a bit of a pep talk!

Novalash has four semi-private, super comfy beds where you lie down while a skilled eyelash specialist works on giving you the lashes of your dreams. Depending on how voluminous you’d like them, you can choose a set of falsies.  All you need to do now is put your feet up, play some music and keep your eyes closed for an hour and a half. This is super important, because they’re working with glue and sudden jerks or movements can’t mean anything good.

It’s mildly uncomfortable but other than a little bit of pressure, you don’t feel anything. The hardest part for me was just lying still for that long.

Looking into the mirror, I was amazed at how my scanty lashes had been transformed. It takes about a day to get used to them, though, as I could now see these bountiful lashes at all times; a feeling I’d never really experienced.

This treatment is perfect for brides-to-be; I was just happy to be freed from mascara-applying for the next month. It’s not cheap; these extensions start at INR 5,700, and if you’d like to keep them looking poppin’, you need to come back every four weeks for a refill.