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Good Mylk: Tasty Plant-Based Dairy For All The Lactose Intolerant Peeps!


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    Good Mylk Trial Basket

    For all Lactose Intolerant people like me Goodmylk is the bestest brand that could come to our rescue.

    Goodmylk products are dairy-free, lactose-free and suitable for people with dairy allergies. Also, their products are completely vegan! This amazing brands mission is to bring to you the yummiest and affordable plant-based dairy to your doorstep.

    I ordered their Trial Basket-

    Mylk - 400 ml (2 Packs of 200 ml)

    Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 400 ml

    Mylk | Chocolate - 400 ml

    Mayo - 250 gm (Pouch)

    Butter - 100 gm (Tub)

    I loved the cashew-oat milk and chocolate milk. It is a perfect swap for any recipe where you miss the mouthfeel of whole milk. Just add the plain milk to your morning coffee or tea, and watch it blend in perfectly. I usually add it to my smoothie bowl or overnight oats jar and it's super yum and creamy. It has a Shelf life for 6 months and works just like milk.

    Delivery Time: Orders usually deliver within 10-15 days. My package was very well tracked and I was notified very consistently. They are currently delivering to Bangalore and Pan India.

    This brand won't disappoint you! It's a must try!

      Featured Products

      Good Mylk Trial Basket