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Head To Nowhere In Gurgaon To Get Some Work Done

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Nowhere is a brewpub and café in Cross Point Mall, Gurgaon which works great as a co-working space by day and a pretty good pub space when you’re not working.

When You Feel Like You’re Getting Nowhere

What we like about Nowhere is that it gives you a day pass of sorts – for INR 99, you can use their space for the day which includes unlimited refills of coffee, accompanying rusk and biscuits, a working table in their quiet zone {no music} and of course the holy grail of freelance life – free Wi-Fi.

They open at 9am, so no excuses for not starting early!

Inside And Out

If you’re the kind of worker that needs a smoke break to get through your day, you’ll like the outdoor terrace space with all its quirk and some bits of green. The terrace is fantastic for evening gigs, once your 9 to 5 is done.

And if you need to set up a meeting, step outside the quiet zone into the regular restaurant area to ‘grab that coffee’ that we’re always threatening to.

Thank You For The Grub

We’re not sure about the proximity to so much food when we’re trying to get work done, but hey, what’s a bit of discipline when you’re used to working on your own!

For temptation of the culinary kind, Nowhere gives you plenty – pizzas, pastas, soups, salads although we’re most interested in the onion rings and Laal Maas. They also brew two kinds of lager and one wheat beer, so when you’re done with a hard day’s work, there are entirely respectable ways to end it.

Photos source: Nowhere Terrace Brewpub Cafe