Nowhere Terrace & Brewpub Has A Delicious INR 99 Menu To Fuel Work Mode

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Nowhere Terrace & Brewpub doubles as a co-working space by day and, now that we’ve discovered their INR 99 menu, we don’t think we’ll ever make it to office.

Nowhere Is Where We’ll Be

In addition to their usual food and drinks menu, Nowhere has a small but super thoughtful menu, that one can order from between 9am – 5pm. Working out of Nowhere costs about INR 99 {for a day pass} and that includes free Wi-Fi, unlimited rusks to dip into your unlimited cups of chai or coffee and as many refills of biscuits your heart desires.

One less reason to miss your office desk, we think.

What Else?

The menu, where food options start for as low as INR 40, has a Social-esque vibe. maska bun, omelettes, Murthal ke Paranthe, muffins and even oatmeal – keep tummy rumblings at bay while you slip into work mode.

90s kids, they also have Bournvita on their menu which is something we got excited by but it may not be everyone’s cup of milk.

So, We're Saying...

Tea, coffee and munchies at super affordable prices, Nowhere wins big as far as coworking spaces in Gurgaon are concerned.