No Green Thumb? Get These Hard-To-Kill Plants From Nursery Live

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Nursery Live is an online nursery where you can order everything garden-related from different kinds of plants, pots, pebbles, seeds and fertilisers. And they have a wonderful section on plants that are hard to kill! Whether you have a full-fledged garden complete with a pair of gnomes, or have a teeny tiny balcony in dire need of some green, there’s a chance you’ll find something for your space on Nursery Live.

    They have an insane variety of both indoor and outdoor plants from succulents to bamboo to herbs to ferns, cactus, bonsai and even aquatic plants. And whereas we want a piece of each, some of us don’t possess the expertise to take care of them. And if you fit in this category, go straight to their Hard To Kill House Plants section. It’s a mix of saplings and flowers that are bound to spruce up a dull corner without you having to read up an encyclopedia on how to tend to plants.

    Nursery Live also has plenty for your kitchen garden from herbs to fruit plants. And once you’ve set it all up and have come confidence in your planting skills, you’r definitely going to go crazy with their variety of planters and garden decor.

    PS: They also keep pebbles in every colour of the rainbow in case you’re looking to create a dramatic entrance to your home or a fun path in your backyard.

    Price: Seeds start at INR 55


    If you’re clueless about what you’re looking for, you can online chat with one their representatives- they’re usually pretty prompt and helpful.

      Available Online