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Chia, Sunflower & More: Power Up With This Brand's Protein-Dense Digestive Seeds

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What Makes It Awesome

Our bodies need to refuel frequently through the course of the day and it's absolutely normal. Whether its a post-workout meal or a quick afternoon munch, dried seeds are great sources of proteins and fibres. This Mumbai-based brand, NutSutra is doing us all a favour by providing these on-the-go snacks online. 

Now that everyone is focused on altering their eating habits, incorporating edible seeds in our meals is a significant part of this trend. Speaking of which, sunflower seeds that are rich sources of zinc and iron, can be added to those muffins and breads we're all baking these days. The highly fibrous Chia seeds loaded with proteins make for great supplements in a whole bowl of cereals. Those of us with a sweet tooth can always go back to a hearty serving of Chia pudding. NutSutra also has pumpkin seeds which make for excellent snacks when roasted. Each time you reach out for that unhealthy bag of potato chips, fix yourself a bowl of yoghurt, garnish it with NutSutra's Sunflower Seeds Mix and voila - you have yourself a meal. Regular intake of their Flax Seeds will help us brave through that hair fall scare all of us face during monsoons.

We'd suggest getting NutSutra's three, five and seven seeds mix which is a delightful mix of all these wonderful nutty seeds along with sesame  (white and black) and watermelon seeds. If you're only looking for a particular kind of seed, you could purchase these individually as well. Either way, NutSutra will surely help us stay balanced and improve our performance through the day. Get your hands on these healthy snacks right here on LBB! 

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