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    Nykaa Just Launched Lipsticks With 10 Colours Inspired By India's Major Cities!

    Saumyaa posted on 04 May


    With one for every major city like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & More, Nykaa’s new liquid lipstick range ‘Matte To Last’ is now shoppable on their site, and consists of plums, corals, reds and nudes.

    Of Baes Of Bengal & Dilli Hearts

    What’s really cute about this range of lipsticks is that they aren’t just great liquid lipsticks in pretty hues – they’ve got a gimmick that’ll give you a fun, little kick as well. Centred around ten of the major cities of India, each lipstick is a shade that ties in to the perceived ethos of the city. For example, Delhi’s ‘Dilli’ a funky pink that represents the city’s fun-loving spirit, while Mumbai’s ‘Bom-Bae’ is a classic nude for a girl who’s always running around. The other cities on the list are Kolkata (Mishti), Chennai (Madras Kaapi), Bangalore (IT Girl), Hyderabad (Begum), Amritsar (Kudi), Jaipur (Maharani), and Guwahati (cleverly melded to Guwahottie).

    We tried a couple out, and the personal favourite was Khoob-Surat – it had a pretty, coral-slash-salmon tone to it that’s really summer-perfect. None of the hues (except maybe Dilli and Kudi) are over-extravagant, and can work for a regular day at work. Priced at INR 550 a pop, these babies give you great colour payoff – a single-swipe coating lasted 12 hours fading only a little, without touch-ups (and survived a Big Fat Sandwich eating, so that’s saying something).

    So, We're Saying

    While your own city shade may not be your jam, there’s some lovely hues in this collection. Worth checking out for sure.

    Shop the collection here.

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