Doodh, Where's My Milk? O'Leche's Cow Milk Home-Delivered


A dairy farm on the outskirts of Delhi, O’Leche houses Holstein Friesian breed cows, all fed on chemical- free and pesticide-free produce and delivers pure cow milk to your doorstep.

100% Cow Milk? Yes, Please

Many don’t know this, but the average Indian family doesn’t consume pure cow’s milk. It’s always a mix of cow and buffalo, or milk with generous amounts of water, and for some palates, leaves much to be desired.

O’Leche’s founder’s was one such palate; on a quest for pure cow milk in the Capital, she ended up setting up her own dairy farm and lucky for us, retailing, so we can all enjoy a glass.

The cows in question are fed the freshest chemical-free produce, bathed multiple times a day, and even given their very own playlist so they can have a good time!

O’Leche endeavours to provide the freshest milk, in a safe and hygienic manner. They personally home deliver milk in well-designed safe milk pouches, in temperature controlled boxes.

How To Get Your Hands On Some

They do not stock in any stores, and work only on a home delivery basis. They are also open to farm visits, so you can get a first-hand feeler of how their cows are taken care of, how milk is produced, and get perhaps, the freshest glass of milk possible while you’re there.

They also sell you a coupon book every month so you don’t have to rummage around for cash when the doorbell rings.


We’re going to have to give you a heads up-  their delivery hasn’t been on-point recently. There are times when they don’t show up, without informing you and you may be rendered milk-less. So make sure you’re in constant touch with them, especially if your milk needs are urgent.